WP Double Protection

WP Double Protection
WP Double Protection

WP Double Protection is a simple, light weight plugin which allows the user to have a second password option for logging in. With this option you can make your site extra secure and extra difficult for hackers to get in.

This plugin works with the available wordpress hooks and encrypts the second password like WordPress does by default to the first one before saving it in the database.

This plugin gives the WordPress password strength indicator for the second password section too in the user profile.

How does WP Double Protection works?

Once the plugin is activated, it adds a second password field to the WordPress login form and also a set of fields in the user profile in the backend for the user to set a different second password.

WP login

WP login

Once the plugin is activated, both the passwords are needed to be entered for logging in henceforth. Until unless one has not set a different second password in the user profile, the second password would be same as the first or main password of the site. After setting up a different password, the next time the user logins in, the user needs to login using the corresponding passwords.

User Profile

User Profile

How to reset the password?

For now, if you lost either of the password, you can reset your passwords by following the “Lost your password” link. Using this you can reset your main password and once that is done the second password will also be reset to the main or first password and after logging in user can set a different second password from the user profile again.

What happens when the plugin is deactivated and reactivated?

With version 1.1, the second password doesn’t get reset on reactivating the plugin. The only way to reset the second password is to reset the password following the “Lost your password” link, which will set the second password to same as the newly set main password.


Maruti Mohanty

I am a happy go lucky WordPress Developer, who loves biking, movies and learning different languages


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7 Responses

  1. borisa says:

    My name is Borisa Djuraskovic. I am associated with Web Hosting Hub community team.
    I found your WP Double Protection plugin at http://www.sourcexpress.com/wp-double-protection/ very interesting. I would like to translate it to my native Serbo-Croatian language and help people from my community find your plugin useful too. But you would need to create the translatable .pot file first in order for me to proceed. Please let me know if you are willing to do that so I can translate it.

    Borisa Djuraskovic

    • Hi Borsia,

      I would love to have my plugin in different languages. Thank you for your interest and help. I will do the needful and let you know, and then you can start working on the translation at your end.


  2. borisa says:

    Hello Maruti,
    Please let me know when you do that and I will do the translation.
    Be in touch.
    Borisa Djuraskovic

  3. full moon says:

    Hello, interested in this, although, I am using buddypress and users cannot enter the backend at all, hence a need for editing second password in the profile page. Will this be added later? Thanks

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